Texas Line Dance Instructors List

The Texas Line Dance Instructors support the Jamboree through their teaching efforts and by representing their classes in selecting Primary dances for the Jam. 

Below is the LIST OF INSTRUCTORS by CITY and alphabetically by LAST name.

Tracy Grogan –
LuCinda Rose –

Laura Jackson –

Amy Glass –
Carolina Kandu –
Connie Shell – (Cedar Park)
Kathy Sun –
Karen Steger –

Barbara Turner –

Betty Hartman –

Pat Riley –

College Station:
Mary Fang –
Patricia VanderBoom –

Dallas Area:
Karen Aubrey – (Dallas)
Kay Coder – (Dallas)
Gail Donaldson – (Allen)
Ann Ellis – (Rockwall/Greenville)
Frances Halvorson – (Richardson)
Juliet Lam – (Richardson) –
Al McGee – (Fairview)
Ann Pettit – (Garland)
Richard Rogers – (Dallas)
Nikki Simpson – (Allen/Irving/Richardson) –
Vi Smith –

Debbie Rice –

El Paso:
Armando Camacho – –
Janice Henson –
Angela Moshauer – –

Fort Worth:
Suzy Ashmore –
Marcia Riebe –
Judy Sides – (Colleyville/Dallas/Duncanville/Euless/Southlake/North Richland Hills)
Penny Williams – (Burleson)

Jack Bolowskie –
Phillip Pensabene –
Betty Wyer –

Peggy Evans –
Bonita Malone –

Harker Heights:
Athalie Southard –

Donna Myers –

Britt Beresik – (Bellaire)
Elsa Campbell – (Bellaire/West University) –
Sandy Carouth –
Mary Ann Caster – (Magnolia)
Linda Conard – (Crosby)
Jan Cook – (Bentwater)
Cyndi Dull – (Magnolia)
Terri Grassbaugh – (Conroe)
Kenneth Gross –
Cassie Jones – (The Woodlands)
Carolyn Key – (Spring)
Su Law – (NASA/Clear Lake)
Diane Mayes – (Kingwood/Spring/Tomball)
Ramona Pace –
Cheryl Rogers – – (Spring/1960) – 
Gordon Small –
Freddie Stark – (Tomball)
Marietta Stone – (Sugarland)
Jinren Woo –

Ocine Behrens –
Jeanette McDaniel –

Lori Mansfield – (Killeen/Copperas Cove)

Denise Noseworthy –

Robin Fischer –

Gail McCluskey –
Nancy Pawlik –

Cindy Cowley –

Jo Bryan –

Cheryl Mitts –
Barbara Rhodes –

Debra Rice –

New Braunsfels:
Melissa Onks – (Canyon Lake)
Michelle Schroeder – –

Myra Fierro –

Charlene Anthony –

Susan Fulton –
Mary Reynolds –

San Angelo:
Gloria Henderson –

San Antonio:
Nancy Cornelius –
Sandy Bushover –
Letty Gonzales –
Fran Lineweaver –
Jon Osborn –
George Rollow –
Dora Sondhi –

Lisa Rose –

Betty Hartman –

Renee Baker –
Gail Herring –

Doris Cox –
Jeanne Mayer – (Waco/McGregor)

Broken Arrow, OK:
Eugenia Cook –

Alamogordo, NM:
Mike Knowles –

Carlsbad, NM:
Jean Loafman –

Ruidoso, NM:
LaNora Pickel –

If you would like additional information about a particular instructor, such as where they teach, the level they teach, their class times, a short bio about them, and how to contact them… you may search by selecting the letter of their LAST name below.

If you are an instructor and want to vote on Primary dances and have your class information, such as where you teach, what level, and class times, please click INSTRUCTORS ONLY  and add your information.

Bonita Malone
Bio: Former dance studio owner (30 years) teaching ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop. Currently attending line dance classes in Greenville, Mineola, and Garland. My choreography is on Copperknob and VineRight. Facebook - Line Dances by Bonita.
Class City: Greenville
Class Location: Greenville
Age Group: 55+
Cost: None
Improver: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 am
Intermediate: Tuesday 10:00 am
Lori Mansfield
Bio: Lori Mansfield a retired Deputy Sheriff from Palm Beach County Florida. Retired after working 20 yrs., a Hairdresser before that. Moved to Texas, took up Line Dancing have been dancing 11 years, been teaching for 10 years. I teach 4 days a week, all volunteer work. Have an amazing Line Dance Group, we have a monthly Line Dance Party with several other groups from Georgetown, Pflugerville, and Austin. We travel and work hard to attend Texas Line Dance Jamboree for the past 11 yr.'s, H.O.T., Line Dance Workshops and North Texas Line Dance Classic. Dance while you can!
Class City: Killeen/ Harker Heights
Class Location: Lion's Club Senior Center and Harker Heights Rec. Center
Age Group: 55+
Cost: Free
Intermediate: Monday 9:00 - 11:00 am Lion's Club also Tuesday 8:30 - 10:00 am & Friday 8:30 - 10:30 am Harker Heights Rec Center
Advanced: Wednesday 9:00 - 11:00 am Lion's Club Senior Center
Jeanne Mayer
Bio: Bio: I love to dance! Not just that. I love to teach people how to dance! I have taught line dancing for many years now. I am also a choreographer. I enjoy helping people to learn in a way they can “Dance and Be Happy.”
Class City: Waco - Woodway/McGregor
Class Location: Woodway/McGregor
Age Group: all
Cost: TBA
Ultra Beginner: Thusday, 7:00 p.m.
Beginner: Thusday, 6:00 p.m.
Lisa Mayer
Bio: F
Class City: Magnolia
Class Location: Magnolia
Age Group: all
Gail McCluskey
Bio: I teach line dancing at the UMC Activities Center in Lubbock.
Class City: Lubbock
Class Location: Lubbock
Age Group: 55+
Cost: 5.00/day
Ultra Beginner: Tuesday 3:30 p.m., Wednesday 1:15 p.m.
Beginner: Tuesday 4:30 p.m., Wednesday 2:15 p.m.
Improver: Monday 1:15 p.m.
Intermediate: Monday 10:40 a.m.
Al McGee
Bio: Al is currently the webmaster for the website He is a level 5 certified instructor with the National Teachers Association. He teaches one Beginner Class at 3:00 pm and one Intermediate Class at 4:00 pm on Wednesdays. He is an active participant of line dancing in Texas and supports all major events in the state. In 2020 he has been teaching on Saturdays with a group of instructors.
Class City: Fairview (suburb of Dallas)
Class Location: Fairview, Texas (suburb of Dallas)
Age Group: all
Cost: Free
Beginner: Tuesday 2:00 PM
Intermediate: Tuesday 3:00 PM
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Bio: SduGnKmVa
Class City: iPfTynQV
Class Location: cnGQUwktPOuLHxR
Age Group: all
Cost: erAFCZGpaYuR
Ultra Beginner: OumVQfHhZiskD
Beginner: YMqxALun
Improver: GmAvXMubRQVlfpF
Intermediate: CqOrkozp
Advanced: CaslJAoTQHzugnX
Bio: YJTptyCufB
Class City: MGDAfSkRPZuhKp
Class Location: waejMxvofDZicEF
Age Group: all
Cost: SkBNlFWzZ
Ultra Beginner: YWDdrXHsaM
Beginner: KcpjPbUVSe
Improver: lWckjTeSCrQzd
Intermediate: BKdzscAQripnP
Advanced: oWlYBMtxRViK
Bio: BLgeRMAUXupVakZ
Class City: mNyqvOjVaBWz
Class Location: YMUWSBQbfL
Age Group: all
Cost: uneENshCmLyWgSR
Ultra Beginner: QKEmAHjFLM
Beginner: UrHJsicyVwvdakQ
Improver: rJMcXfsThZRQ
Intermediate: BJbRHGuZDi
Advanced: DnXZxsVRIkpPwjNo
Cheryl Mitts
Bio: I love sharing line dance with everyone that wants to have fun, learn new things and improve their physical and mental health. I have been dancing for about 20 years and teaching for about 3 years.
Class City: Mineola
Class Location: Mineola League of the Arts - 200 W. Blair Street - Mineola, TX 75773
Age Group: all
Cost: $2 members - $3 non-members
Ultra Beginner: Classes as needed
Beginner: Tuesday & Friday 10:00 - 11:00 am
Improver: Tuesday & Friday 11:00 - 12:00 pm
Angela Moshauer
Bio: NTA LEVEL V Certified Instructor Teaching all levels for 33 years
Class City: El Paso
Class Location: Wellington Chew Senior Center
Age Group: all
Cost: No charge
Beginner: Thursday. 9:30 AM
Improver: Thursday 9:30 AM
Intermediate: Thursday. 9:30 AM
raNULomAVYCby mwQfNqFk
Bio: sIndRChqWSNf
Class City: bhRnjdvN
Class Location: zLyMNtAeFTivGosB
Age Group: all
Cost: BqomNKdzV
Ultra Beginner: VMqzKGUHyuOn
Beginner: HOlrdNBXpuWLq
Improver: TubXUMsVxjWIa
Intermediate: fjymkLslGnJKCYB
Advanced: OkYHwBDh
Donna Myers
Bio: Have been teaching line dancing in Rio Grande Valley for 13 years. Live in Harlingen, Texas at Sunshine Country Club Estates. Have taken part in many Line Dance Workshops in the Valley. There is a group of us that dance at least 3 times a week year round. We are lucky to have several bands that have dances throughout the year at various RV Parks. Keeps us kicking for sure.
Class City: Harlingen
Class Location: Sunshine Country Club Estates
Age Group: 55+
Cost: donation
Improver: Monday from 10 - 12
Intermediate: Monday from 10 - 12