2023 Jam Dances

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Primary Dance Floor Split Dance & Tags/Restarts
   1 + 1 – Jean-Pierre Madge & Niels Poulsen    One Plus One – Tya Paw & Irene Elsye
   Break Into My Heart – Darren Bailey    Always Remember EZ – S.M. Fulton  TAGS
   Cold Heart – Maddison Glover    Cold Heart – Easy – Rikke A. Sylvestersen & Lene M, Pedersen
   Danger Twins – Karl-Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield    Twins (Dangerous) – Fran Lineweaver  TAGS/RESTART
   Dim The Lights – Maddison Glover & Simon Ward    Candles Burning – Fran Lineweaver RESTARTS
   Dopamine – Gary O’Reilly    Summer Rendez-Vous – M. Gagnon/S. Beauchamp  TAG
   Give Me Shivers – Julia Wetzel    Gives Me Shivers – Brandon Zahorsky
   Here We Go – Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher    Here We Go – Easy – Dorthe Michelsen  RESTART/TAG
   I’m On My Way – Maggie Gallagher    None
   Impossible Love – Niels Poulsen   Summer Rendez-Vous – M. Gagnon/S. Beauchamp
   Love Grows – Craig Bennett & Madison Glover    None
   Portland Cha – Glass/Betts/Madge/Vane/Ward/Poulsen    Portland Cha Easy – Cheryl Rogers
   Raised Like That – Darren Bailey    Raised Like That – Nancy Rosera  RESTART
   Sharks – Julia Wetzel    Little Sharks – Lindy Bowers  RESTART
   Storm and Stone – Maddison Glover    None
   Til The Neons Gone – Darren Bailey    None
   ‘Til You Can’t – Gary O’Reilly    Take It – Sylvia Sealey  RESTARTS
   Train Wreck – Niels Poulsen    Little Train Wreck – Betty Hartman
   What A Song Can Do – Heather Barton & Andrew Hayes    Sunday Drive – Julie Snailham
Favorite Dance Floor Split Dance & Tags/Restarts
   A Few Shots! – Whitehouse/McKeever/Poulsen    Rolling Rhythm – Michele Burton
   Bad Habits – Gallagher/O’Reilly    Bad Habits EZ – Alison Johnstone  TAG
   Best Day Ever – Amy Glass    Best Day Ever – Donna Lanagan  TAG/RESTARTS
   California – Whittaker/Belloque Vane    California Cha – Julie Snailham
   Champagne Promise – Tina Argyle    None
   Codigo – Pat Stott    None
   Country In 3 – Burton/Glover/Thompson Szymanski    Country In Me – Yvonne Krause-Schenck
   Faithful Soul – O’Reilly/Gallagher    I Give My Heart – Bob Francis
   Get Wild – Glover & Thompson Szymanski    Back On Texas Time – Gail Dawson
   Good As You – Michelle Burton/Michael Barr    Good As You – Brenda Holcomb
   Good To Go – Scott Blevins    We’re Good To Go – Rob Fowler  RESTART
   I’ve Seen It All – Gary O’Reilly    I Close My Eyes – Hazel Pace  RESTART
   Little Less Broken – Maddison Glover    Little Less Broken EZ – Lapp/Peteren/Bitsch RESTART
   Lonely Blues – Rachael McEnaney-White    These Old Boots – Rob Fowler
   Moses Roses Toeses – Amy Glass    I Like Your Soul – Jill Weiss  TAG/RESTART
   Music To My Eyes – Steele & Ward    Waltz Across Texas – Lois & John Nielson  RESTART
   Pull You Through – Glover/Thompson Szymanski    Rolling Rhythm – Michele Burton  TAG
   Senorita La-La-La – Julia Wetzel    None
   Southern Dreams – Maddison Glover    Southern Dreams – Curt Adams
   Sweet Attraction – Sala/Guichard/Musk    Sweet Attraction Beginner – Fran Lineweaver   RESTART
   Tonight We’re Dancing – Maddison Glover
   So Tonight We’re Dancing – Bonita Malone
   Where Oh Where – Thompson Szymanski    Oh Where Did My Baby Go? – Georgie Mygrant
   Wintergreen – Maggie Gallagher    Wintergreen EZ – Liz Lowry  TAG
   Would Have Loved Her – Darren Bailey    I’ve Been Waiting For You EZ – Johnson/Talbot RESTARTS

2023 Jam Floor Split Scripts


  1. Always Remember EZ/Break Into My Heart
    TAG at the end of Walls 2 and 4 (R Nightclub, L Nightclub)
  2. I Close My Eyes/I’ve Seen It All
    RESTART on Wall 9 after (Crossing Shuffle) sweep R from back to front, then restart facing 9:00
  3. I’ve Been Waiting For You EZ/Would Have Loved Her
    RESTARTS on Wall 3 & 6 after 16 counts
  4. Rolling Rhythm/Pull You Through
    TAG on Wall 13 after (Sway R, Sway L, Sway R) add a Sway L, then restart facing 12:00
  5. Summer Rendez-Vous/Dopamine
    TAG on Wall 4 after 16 counts (Left Jazz Box with a Touch)
  6. Waltz Across Texas/Music To My Eyes
    RESTART on Wall 4 after Turn ¼ right and side right to side (the step sheet says ½, but it’s an error)

For the following dances,
use the restarts/tags shown on their Step Sheets

Bad Habits EZ/Bad Habits
Best Day Ever/Best Day Ever
Candles Burning/Dim The Lights
Here We Go – Easy/Here We Go
I Like Your Soul/Moses Roses Toeses
Little Less Broken EZ/Little Less Broken
Little Sharks/Sharks
Raised Like That/Raised Like That
Sweet Attraction Beginner/Sweet Attraction
Take It/’Til You Can’t
Twins (Dangerous)/Dangerous Twins
We’re Good To Go/Good To Go
Wintergreen EZ/Wintergreen